Creating Entity Selections Based on Filtering Criteria

Use the SmartSelect command to create selection sets based on filtering criteria.

To create selection sets based on filtering criteria:

  1. Type SmartSelect at the command prompt.
  2. In the dialog box, in Apply to, select whether the criteria applies to the entire drawing or the current selection set, if one exists.

    To specify entities in the graphics area, click , then press Enter.
  3. In Entity, select whether to apply the criteria to a specific entity type or select Multiple to apply the criteria to all types.
  4. In Property, select a property for which you want to define a filter expression.
  5. In Operator, select the operator for the filter expression.
  6. For Value, type a filter value. Available values are extracted from the drawing. For example, if you set Property to Layer, Value displays a list with all layer names.
  7. Set Selection results:
  8. Select Add to existing Selection Set to add the selection set to the existing selection set. When cleared, the selection set replaces the existing selection set.
  9. Click OK to apply the filter.
  10. Run a modification command.
  11. Specify the Previous option at the command prompt to apply the selection set you created.


Command: SmartSelect

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