Selecting Entities

For many commands, especially the commands for modifying and detailing entities, you need to select drawing entities.

To select entities, you do not enter a separate command. Instead, you use selection tools.

To select entities:

  1. Enter a command that requires you to select entities.

    The following prompt appears:

    Specify entities»

  2. To view all options for entity selection, specify the ? option:

    Specify entities» ?
    Expects a point or Window, Last, Crossing, Box, All, Fence, WPolygon, CPolygon, Group, Add, Remove, Previous, Undo, Auto, Single
    Specify entities»

  3. In the graphics area, select entities.

    Selections are highlighted by default.

    All entities you select are added to a selection set.

    To fine tune entity selection, see Applying Entity Selection Methods.
  4. Continue adding entities to the selection set or removing entities from it. To remove previously selected entities from the selection set, press Shift and select an entity.
  5. After selecting all desired entities, finish the selection by pressing Enter.

    The current command resumes.