Filtering Selections

Use the SelectionFilter command to filter entities for selection. Apply the filter as a transparent command by typing 'SelectionFilter at the Specify entities prompt of modification commands.

After you select entities based on the filter, modify the entities using the modification commands or the Properties palette.

To create filtered selections:

  1. Type SelectionFilter at the command prompt.
  2. In the dialog box, click Add Entity  and click in the graphics area to add an entity to the selection filter.

    The dialog box closes temporarily until you select a drawing entity to add to the filter list.
  3. Repeat the previous step to select more entities.
  4. Set options:
  5. Click OK.

To apply a saved filter:

  1. Type SelectionFilter.
  2. In Named filter, select the filter to apply and click OK.

To clear the selection filter list:

  1. Type SelectionFilter.
  2. Click Clear List , or to selectively remove filters, select one or more filters and click Delete .
  3. Click OK.

To reapply a filter:

To delete named filters:

  1. Type SelectionFilter.
  2. In Named filter, select a filter to delete and click Delete .
  3. Click OK.


Command: SelectionFilter

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