Editing PolyLines

Use the EditPolyLine command to edit PolyLines, PolyLine vertices, and 3D PolygonMeshes by:

  You can perform many edits of one or more PolyLines with a single EditPolyLine command. If you revert PolyLine editing with a subsequent Undo command, all the working steps are reverted as a whole.

To edit PolyLines:

  1. Click Modify > Entity > PolyLine (or type EditPolyLine).
  2. In the graphics area, select a PolyLine, or specify the Multiple option to select a group of PolyLines and press Enter.

    If a selected Line or Arc is not a PolyLine, you are given the option to convert it to one. Also use this method to turn a series of individual but connected Lines, Arcs, and PolyLines into a single PolyLine. In a single EditPolyLine command, you can first convert a Line or Arc into a PolyLine. Then use the Join option to add the other entities to the PolyLine.
  3. Specify an option:

  To fillet a PolyLine, use the Fillet command. To chamfer a PolyLine, use the Chamfer command.


Command: EditPolyLine

Menu: Modify > Entity > PolyLine

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