Constructing Splines

A Spline is a smooth curve that is fit to a set of points. You can create a non-uniform rational B-spline or NURBS curve for any number of fit points. You can also fit the Spline to the specified points within a specified tolerance value.

To construct Splines:

  1. Click Draw > Spline (or type Spline).
  2. In the graphics area, click to define the:
    1. Start point of the Spline or enter a value.
    2. Next fit point of the Spline or enter a value.
  3. Do one:
  4. To conclude the Spline, do one:


  After you specify a fit tolerance, the fit tolerance applies to all fit points until you change it. Setting the fit tolerance to zero forces the Spline to pass through the fit points.

Note: You can use EditPolyLine to convert a PolyLine to a Spline.


Command: Spline

Menu: Draw > Spline

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