Applying Chamfers

Use the Chamfer command to connect two Lines with a beveled corner. The selected entities do not have to intersect and they can overlap. If the entities overlap, they are trimmed to create the beveled corner.

You can specify a chamfer distance from the corner of adjacent Lines of both entities for nonsymmetrical chamfers. You can also define the connecting Line using a length and an angle.

Use Chamfer in plan view because chamfering operates on selection points and end points of entities.

If you chamfer two Lines and both Lines are on the same Layer, the command places the chamfer Line on that Layer. If the Layers of the Lines differ, the command places the chamfer Line on the current Layer.

To apply chamfers:

  1. Click Modify > Chamfer (or type Chamfer).
  2. In the graphics area, select the first Line or specify an option:
  3. Select the second Line.

    You can instead apply an acute corner by pressing Shift and specifying the second drawing entity. This method creates acute corners without changing the chamfer distances to join two end points.


Command: Chamfer

Menu: Modify > Chamfer

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