Setting File Location Options

The File Locations page of the Options dialog box lets you view, set, and edit default paths and/or file names.

The system uses these locations to search for files or write files, such as drawing or temporary file locations, font files and folder(s), and customization file(s) and folder(s).

To view, add, or modify file locations:

  1. Click Tools > Options (or type Options).
  2. Click Tools > Options (or type Options).
  3. Click Application menu > Preferences (or type Options).
  4. In the Options dialog box, click File Locations .

    - or -

    Type FileLocations.
  5. Expand a node to view or set a specification.
  6. Select a path or file and click Browse (or double-click a folder or file location) to navigate to a new item.
  7. Click OK.

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Commands: FileLocations, or Options

Menu: Tools > Options

Menu: Tools > Options

Menu: Application menu > Preferences

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