Creating Tabulated Meshes (Extruded Surfaces)

The TabulatedMesh command creates a tabular surface using a path curve and a direction vector. The resulting surface is a PolygonMesh.

You can extrude Lines, Arcs, Circles, and 2D or 3D PolyLines. The entity used as the path curve defines the surface of the mesh. The direction vector (extrusion path) must be a Line or an open PolyLine.

To create tabulated meshes:

  1. Click Draw > Mesh > Tabulated (or type TabulatedMesh).
  2. In the graphics area, select an entity for the:
  3. The direction and length of the Line determine the direction and length of the extrusion. Only the first and last points of a PolyLine are used when determining the extrusion path. The point at which you select the entity determines the extrusion direction.


Command: TabulatedMesh

Menu: Draw > Mesh > Tabulated

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