Creating Revolved Meshes (Surfaces of Revolution)

The RevolvedMesh command creates a surface by revolving a path curve (profile) around an axis of revolution.

The curve sweeps around the specified axis to define the surface in the N direction of the mesh. The axis of revolution determines the M direction of the mesh.

To create revolved meshes:

  1. Click Draw > Mesh > Revolved (or type RevolvedMesh).
  2. In the graphics area, select an entity to revolve. This can be a Line, Arc, Circle, PolyLine, or a Spline and determines the profile entity. To close the mesh in the N direction, select a Circle or closed PolyLine as the profile.
  3. Select an entity to use as the axis of revolution. The profile entity revolves around this axis.
  4. Type a start angle. The default setting is a full circle.
  5. Type the total angle. A positive value is a counterclockwise direction and a negative value is clockwise. The default setting is a full circle.


Command: RevolvedMesh

Menu: Draw > Mesh > Revolved

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