Creating Regions

The Region command transforms an entity that forms a closed shape into a 2D Region entity. You can use the command to combine all entities of any closed loop – such as closed PolyLines (including polygons and Rings), Circles, Ellipses, and closed Splines – into one entity.

After creating a Region, there is little visual difference on screen except when the original entity had a width, thickness, or LineWeight. This information is lost when you create a region from such entities.

A Region is a planar solid entity. If you set ShadeView mode to Flat, you will see that the Region is a surface, not simply a boundary contour.

If the source entities of the Region are hatched, the Hatch loses associativity to the boundary. You must apply the Hatch to the Region entity again.

You can also create Regions with the AreaBoundary command by setting the resulting entity type for boundaries to Region.

To create Regions:

  1. Click Draw > Region (or type Region).
  2. In the graphics area, select closed drawing entities to transform into a Region.
  3. Press Enter.


Command: Region

Menu: Draw > Region

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