Clicking in the Graphics Area

When you click in the graphics area, you use the mouse to enter points, vectors, distances, or angles when prompted to specify them.

The coordinates of the current pointer position are displayed on the status bar. You can restrict clicking to a snap grid.

Clicking in the graphics area is recommended when you need to relate existing drawing entities. For instance, the center of a Circle might be defined by the intersection of two Lines. In this case it is easier to indicate a point resulting from the construction to define its coordinates.

EntitySnaps (ESnaps) ensure the accuracy of the coordinate values you enter by clicking. Using ESnaps, you can precisely identify construction points such as start or end points, intersection points, center points, and perpendicular points.

You can also use coordinate filters when prompted for point values. Coordinate filters let you relate the point value inputs to the X-, Y-, and Z-coordinates of existing entities.

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