Entering Keyboard Input

When you enter data using the keyboard, your data is precise. With keyboard input, you can construct drawing entities with exact dimensions or with exact placement in the coordinate system.

Values for distances, straight Lines, and other linear quantities are specified in drawing units. Angle values are specified in degrees.

Rules of syntax require that you use:

You can use coordinate filters when prompted for point values. Coordinate filters let you relate the point value inputs to the X-, Y-, and Z-coordinates of existing entities.

Example of an input sequence using the keyboard:

Specify start point» 2.5,0
Specify next point» @3,2.3
Specify next point» @5.75<30
Specify next point» <To end the command press Enter>

Example of moving entities using the keyboard:

Specify entities» <Select entities>
Specify entities» <To end entity selection press Enter>
Specify from point» 5,2
Specify destination» @3,0

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