Creating a Directional Light

The Directionallight command inserts a distant light into the drawing. Directional lights are linear, parallel lights that radiate light along a line, similar to a fluorescent light bulb. Directional light emits uniform parallel light rays in one direction only. The intensity of the light does not diminish with distance. Light rays extend infinitely on either side of the insertion point of the directional light source. Directional light is used to simulate sunlight.

To create directional lights:

  1. Type Directionallight at the command prompt.
  2. Specify the source point.
  3. Specify the destination point.
  4. Specify light source characteristics.

    See Creating a Light Source for light source characteristics.
  5. Specify the Exit option to create the light source.

    Directional light does not display in the graphics area. To view directional light settings, use the Lighting Palette.

  Executing the Light command using the Distant option does the same as the Directionallight command.


Command: Directionallight

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