Measuring Distances

Use the GetDistance command to measure distances or angles between two points. You can use the command as a transparent command. The points can be arbitrary and not part of a drawing.

To measure distances between points:

  1. Click Tools > Inquiry > Get Distance (or type GetDistance).
  2. In the graphics area, select two points between which to measure.

    The resulting measurements display:

    Distance = <n>, Angle in XY Plane = <n>, Angle from XY Plane = <n>
    Delta X = <n>, Delta Y = <n>, Delta Z = <n>

    Distance: Measures the absolute distance between points.

    Angle in XY Plane: Measures the angle to the second point starting from the X-axis. The measurement displays the lesser-valued angle no matter what the rotation direction.

    Angle from XY Plane: Measures the angle between the first and second point from the XY-plane to the Z-axis. The first point is assumed to lie on the XY-plane.

    Delta X, Delta Y, and Delta Z: Measures the distance between the two points in the direction of the respective axis of the coordinate system. Length values are specified in drawing units.

  If the distance you want to determine has geometrically significant points, for example, start or end points of a drawing entity, use EntitySnaps.


Command: GetDistance

Menu: Tools > Inquiry > Get Distance

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