Managing PrintStyle Tables

You can edit, add, copy, and delete PrintStyle tables using the Print Style Table Editor.

To use the Print Style Table Editor:

  1. Type PrintStyle.
  2. In the Print Styles dialog box, under PrintStyle file, select a PrintStyle table file, and click Edit.
  3. In the Print Style Table Editor dialog box, edit the PrintStyles defined in the PrintStyle table.
  4. Under Information, type a Description to describe the PrintStyle and its purpose.
  5. Under Scaling, select or clear Use scale factor for fill patterns and non-ISO line types. If you select the option, type a Scale factor.
  6. Under Formats, in Print styles, select a PrintStyle from the list to specify Settings for the entities that use that PrintStyle:
    1. LineColor: Select Use entity color or specify a specific LineColor.
    2. LineStyle: Select Use entity linetype or specify a specific LineStyle.
    3. LineWeight: Select Use entity lineweight or specify a specific LineWeight.
    4. Dither: Define whether to use dithering. If the output device does not support dithering, the setting is ignored.
    5. Screening: Set a percentage for a color intensity. The value determines the amount of ink placed on the paper while printing. One hundred percent displays the color at its full intensity. Zero percent reduces color intensity to null (white).
    6. Pen #: Specifies the pen to use when plotting (pen plotters only). Set a value from 1 to 32.
    7. Force end segments: Specify whether to adjust the LineStyle scale to complete the LineStyles pattern.
    8. End cap style: Set a style to use for the ends of lines.
    9. Corner style: Set a style to use when lines join.
    10. Grayscale: Specify whether to convert the entity's colors to grayscale if the output device supports grayscale.
    11. Fill style: Set a fill style to use.
    12. Virtual pen #: Specify the pen to use when plotting using non-pen plotters that can simulate pen settings and use properties the user can adjust on the printer's panel.
    13. Description: Type additional information for the PrintStyle.
  7. Click Add to add a PrintStyle definition to the PrintStyle table.
  8. In the Add Print Style dialog box, for Print style name, type a name.
  9. Click Delete to remove the selected PrintStyle definition from the PrintStyle table.
  10. Click Save As to save the PrintStyle table under a different name.
  11. Click Edit LineWeights to edit the drawing's LineWeights.
  12. Click OK twice.

To determine the location of a PrintStyle definition file:

Color-dependent (.ctb) and named (.stb) PrintStyle table files are stored in the PrintStyle folder. Each file determines one table.

  1. Click Tools > Options (or type Options).
  2. Click Tools > Options (or type Options).
  3. Click Application menu > Preferences (or type Options).
  4. In the Options dialog box, click System Options.
  5. Expand Printing > Print style file location.
  6. Set the path to PrintStyle definition files (.ctb or .stb files). Click Browse to browse for the PrintStyle file folder.
  7. Click OK.


Command: PrintStyle

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