Use the -Clean command to purge the drawing file of Block definitions, Layers, LineStyles, TextStyles, and DimensionStyles that are defined or loaded but not used in the drawing. You can selectively use the command based on types of items or names of items. With nested Blocks in the drawing file, only one level of nesting is cleaned at a time.

Clean a drawing to significantly reduce its file size before archiving or backing up a drawing file.

Some standard items cannot be deleted, including Layer 0, the LineStyle Continuous, and the TextStyle Standard.

The command does not clean user-defined Views and Custom Coordinate Systems (CCSs) because these items are never referenced by drawing entities. Instead, you can delete unused Views and CCSs using the Views or CSStyle commands.

To remove unused References from drawing files:

  1. Type -Clean at the command prompt.
  2. Specify the types of items to discard and press Enter to complete the selection.

    You can clean Block definitions, DimensionStyles, Layers, LineStyles, PrintStyles, Shapes, TextStyles, RichLineStyles, or TableStyles selectively, or all unused user-defined References.

    To clean up selectively, specify the item to clean. You are prompted with the names of unused user-defined References.

    Specify the All option to clean the entire drawing in one operation. Use wildcard specifications to limit the selection, for example, TEMP*.


Command: -Clean

Menu: File > Clean

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