Discarding Unused References

The Clean command removes unused References from the drawing. References that can be removed include Block definitions, Layers, defined drafting styles (such as LineStyles, TextStyles, DimensionStyles, and RichLineStyles), and other References as long as they are not referenced by other definitions or entities in the drawing file.

You can apply the command to all component types or to selected ones.

Discarding unused references can reduce a drawing's file size. This command is useful before archiving or backing up drawings.

The Clean command does not remove defined views or coordinate systems because they are never referenced by another component of the drawing. To remove defined views, use the Views command. To remove defined coordinate systems use the CCS or CSStyle commands.

You cannot discard:

To discard unused references:

  1. Click Format > Clean (or type Clean).
  2. In the dialog box, select Show unreferenced entities.
  3. Set options:
  4. Click Delete to discard the selected References.
  5. - or -
  6. Click Delete All to discard all unused References.


Command: Clean

Menu: Format > Clean

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