Viewing and Modifying Properties

Use the Properties command to display the Properties palette. Use the Properties palette to view and modify drawing entity properties.

To view and modify properties using the Properties palette:

  1. Click Modify > Properties (or type Properties).
  2. In the graphics area, select one or more entities.

    The Properties palette displays the entity properties including the coordinates and data that define its geometry. If you selected more than one entity, the palette displays only those properties common to all entities, such as Layer, LineColor, LineScale, LineStyle, LineWeight, and Hyperlink. If the common properties are not identical in all of the selected entities, the corresponding drop-down list or edit field of the palette displays <<VARIES>>.
  3. Update the properties of the selected entities by clicking the drop-down lists or entering new values in the edit fields.
  4. To hide the Properties palette, click Close or type HideProperties.

    You can also click and drag the Properties palette to create a separate window or to anchor it to the left or right of the graphics area.


Command: Properties

Menu: Modify > Properties

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