Copying Properties Between Entities

The PropertyPainter command applies the properties of one entity to other entities. You can copy all or selected properties. All applicable properties are copied unless you use the Settings option to specify only those properties to be copied.

You can copy and paste the following basic properties between all entities:

You can copy and paste these special properties between specific types of entities:

Selecting these options applies the properties of the source entity to destination entities of the applicable type. For example, if the source entity is Text, the TextStyle is applied to all Text entities in the selected destination entities.

To copy properties between entities:

  1. Click Modify > Property Painter (or type PropertyPainter).
  2. Specify a source entity with the properties you want to 'paint' to other drawing entities.
  3. To specify a subset of the properties to be copied, type Settings at the command prompt.
  4. In the Property Painter dialog box, select the properties to be copied, clear the properties you do not want copied, and click OK.

    By default, all basic properties besides PrintStyle are selected.
  5. Specify the entities the properties are to be copied to.


Command: PropertyPainter

Menu: Modify > Property Painter

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