Constructing Polygons

A polygon is a closed linear PolyLine entity consisting of 3 to 1024 equal length sides.

To construct polygons:

  1. Click Draw > Polygon (or type Polygon).
  2. Type the number of sides.
  3. Do one:
    1. In the graphics area, click to define the center of the polygon.
    2. Specify an option:
      • Corner: Encloses the polygon within a circle that touches the polygon at its corners (inscribed).
      • Side: Encloses a circle with the polygon that touches the circle at the corners (circumscribed).
    3. Specify a point in the graphics area to define the radius, or enter it at the command prompt.

    - or -

    1. Specify the Side length option to define an edge of the polygon.
    2. Specify the edge start point and side length.


Command: Polygon

Menu: Draw > Polygon

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