Creating Color Gradient Fills

Use the FillArea command to fill an enclosed area or specified entities with a solid color or a color gradient. Like hatches, color fills add meaning to drawings and help differentiate materials and areas.

To create a color fill:

  1. Select Draw > Hatch/Fill (or type FillArea).
  2. In the Hatch / Fill dialog box, select Fill.
  3. Configure the Colors of gradients by clicking One color or Two colors, selecting a a color by clicking , and applying the Dark Light slider.
  4. Choose a color gradient style from the Style list:

    Gradient Styles
  5. Update Orientation by setting the Angle and optionally selecting Symmetric to ensure the pattern is symmetric within the boundaries.
  6. Specify the Boundary settings.

    Specify entities Specify entities:  Lets you select the entities that form the boundary.

    Specify points Specify points: Lets you click points in enclosed areas to define the boundaries.

    Rebuild boundary Rebuild boundary: Replaces a boundary after removing (enabled only when using the EditHatch command).

    Delete boundary entities Delete boundary entities: Removes boundaries from the set of entities that form the boundaries.

    Highlight boundary entities Highlight boundary entities: Displays the boundaries in the drawing.
  7. Customize Options.

    Select Keep hatch and boundary related to update hatch patterns automatically if the boundary of the hatch changes (default).

    Select Create hatch for each boundary to generate distinct hatches with the same properties if you are adding boundaries of several areas at once. Disable this option if one connected hatch is required.

    Use properties of a selected hatch by clicking Use properties and specifying a hatch in the drawing.

    Select a Placement for hatches in relation to their boundaries. Select Bring to Front, Send to Back, Bring in Front of Boundary, Send Behind Boundary (default), or Do Not Assign.

    See also Creating Hatches for Additional Options.
  8. Click Preview to view the color settings before applying.
  9. Click OK to apply the fill settings.


Command: FillArea

Menu: Draw > Hatch/Fill

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