Use the -SimpleNote command to create single line Text of any position, orientation, justification, and TextStyle. The command is the command window variant of the SimpleNote command.

To create SimpleNotes:

  1. Type -SimpleNote at the command prompt.
  2. Click in the graphics area or type coordinates to specify the start point of the SimpleNote.

    - or -

    Specify the Justify option and specify the text justification (for example, Center for center point of the text baseline, TL for top left point of the text). (Vertical line: T = top, M = middle, B = bottom; horizontal line: L = left, C = center, R = right).

    Click in the graphics area or type the desired point of Text based on the justification you chose.

    - or -

    Specify the TextStyle option and type a TextStyle name or specify the ? option followed by a * to list all defined TextStyles.
  3. Click in the graphics area or type a value for height. (Applies only if the active TextStyle height is 0.00.)
  4. Click in the graphics area or type a value for angle (orientation) at which the text is to run.
  5. Type the text.
  6. Press Enter to type a second line of text. You can enter any number of subsequent lines.
  7. Press Enter twice to end the command.


Command: -SimpleNote

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