Creating Notes

The Note command lets you insert Text entities.

Notes are formatted text blocks, not singleline text.

To create Notes:

  1. Click Draw > Text > Note (or type Note).
  2. In the graphics area, specify the first corners of the text box.
  3. Note: The text box roughly locates the placement for the Text but essentially determines the line length. Text wraps onto the next line if the width is insufficient.
  4. Specify the opposite corner of the text box or specify an option:
  5. Type text and format it.
  6. The text cursor  displays at the current location in the Note.
  7. Use the Note Formatting pop-up toolbar as needed (see below).

  To fill the space indicated by the text box and wrap the text as needed, continue the line entry beyond the visual extents of the text box.

Using the Note Formatting Pop-up Toolbar

To open the Note Formatting pop-up toolbar:

To format Text using the Note Formatting pop-up toolbar:


Command: Note

Menu: Draw > Text > Note

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