Creating Parallel Dimensions

The ParallelDimension command creates aligned linear Dimensions.

Parallel dimensioning is a type of linear dimensioning that measures and labels the absolute distance between two points, regardless of the relative position of the axes. This lets you dimension Lines, edges, or spaces that are not located on the principal axes of the coordinate system, that is, not parallel to X-, Y- or Z-axes of the coordinate system.

To create parallel Dimensions:

  1. Click Dimension > Aligned (or type ParallelDimension).
  2. Specify the first and second extension line origins.

    - or -

    Press Enter, then specify an entity to dimension. You can specify Lines, PolyLines, Circles, and Arcs. With Lines, PolyLines, and Arcs, the start and end points of the entity are measured. With Circles, the diameter is measured. The pick point on the Circle is used as start point of the first extension line along the perimeter of the Circle.
  3. In the graphics area, click to place the dimension lines or use the Angle, Note, or Text options. See Editing and Formatting Dimension Text.

    The measurement is placed as Dimension text based on the definitions of the current DimensionStyle.


Command: ParallelDimension

Menu: Dimension > Aligned

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