Saving Blocks to File

You can write entities, a Block, or an entire drawing to a new drawing file.

You can save a Block or entities as a separate drawing file that you can insert into other drawings.

The ExportDrawing command is similar to the MakeBlock command, but is mainly used to export Blocks, not to define them in the drawing.

To save Blocks to file:

  1. Click File > Export > Export Drawing (or type ExportDrawing).
  2. In the dialog box, under Source, select a source to write to file:
  3. Under Block UnitSystem, in UnitSystem, select the units to use for automatic scaling when the file is inserted in a drawing that uses different units (see the UnitSystem command, Block units format option).
  4. Under Entities:
    1. Click Specify entities  and select entities in the graphics area to make up the Block.
    2. Select an option:
      • Convert to Block: Replaces the source entities with a Reference of the Block definition.
      • Do not convert to Block: Leaves the source entities in the drawing as they are.
      • Delete: Removes the source entities from the drawing.
  5. Under Insertion point, for X, Y, and Z, type coordinate values or click Specify in graphics area  to specify an insertion base point in the graphics area.

    The insertion base point is also used as the base for changing the Block's scale and rotation.
  6. Under Destination, select a file name and path where the Block or entities are saved, or click Browse to locate a destination folder and type a File name.


Command: ExportDrawing

Menu: File > Export > Export Drawing

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