Use the -MakeBlock command to define a Block from selected entities. It is the command window variant of the MakeBlock command. After you create a Block definition, you can insert the Block whenever you need it in the drawing.

To define a Block:

  1. Type -MakeBlock at the command prompt.
  2. Type a Block name or specify the ? option to list existing Blocks.

    Block names can contain up to 31 characters. Letters, numbers, spaces, and special characters like $, -, and _ are allowed.
  3. In the graphics area, click the Block insertion point. You can select any point on or off the Block.
  4. Select entities to make up the Block and press Enter.

    The entities are removed from the drawing. Based on these entities, the Block definition is saved along with the drawing.

    To redisplay the source entities that define the Block, use the Undelete command after you use the -MakeBlock command.

  If there is a Block of the same name already defined in the drawing, you must confirm that you want to redefine it.


Command: -MakeBlock

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