Inserting a Block in a Rectangular Pattern

Use the InsertBlockN command to insert multiple copies of a Block or external drawing in a pattern, arranged in rows and columns.

To insert multiple copies of a Block or drawing in a rectangular pattern:

  1. Type InsertBlockN at the command prompt.
  2. Type the name of the Block or drawing to insert, or specify the ? option to view the Blocks defined in the current drawing.
  3. Type the base point for the insertion.
  4. Type the X scale or click in the graphics area to set the opposite corner. Press Enter to confirm 1.0 as scale factor.
  5. Type the Y scale. Press Enter to use the value equal to the X scale factor.
  6. Type a rotation angle.
  7. Type the number of rows to insert.
  8. Type the number of columns to insert.
  9. Type the distance between the rows and the distance between the columns.
  10. - or -
  11. Specify a unit cell in the graphics area by two opposite points or type X and Y values.
  12. The Block or external drawing appears in a rectangular pattern.

  You cannot explode Blocks inserted with the InsertBlockN command. However, you can edit uniformly scaled Blocks inserted with the InsertBlockN command using the EditComponent command.


Command: InsertBlockN

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