Modifying the Base Point of a Block Definition

Use the EditBasePoint command to set a new insertion base point for a Block definition.

You must first use the EditComponent command to enter Component editing mode to use this command.

To modify the base point of a Block definition or Reference:

  1. Click Modify > Component > Edit (or type EditComponent at the command prompt) to start in-place editing of Blocks.
  2. In the Edit Component dialog box, select the Block to modify and click OK.

    Note: You cannot modify the base point of a Block nested in a referenced drawing.
  3. Click Modify > Component > Edit Base Point (or type EditBasePoint at the command prompt).

    A rubberband displays between the current base point of the Block and the pointer.
  4. Specify the new base point.

    Click Modify > Component > Save and Close (or typeSaveComponent) to accept the change and complete the in-place editing of the Block definition.

  Use CloseComponent instead of SaveComponent to specify whether you want to save or discard the changes of a Component editing session.


Command: EditBasePoint

Menu: Modify > Component > Edit Base Point

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