Use the -TextStyle command to create, modify, or set TextStyles in a drawing. It is the command window variant of the TextStyle command.

TextStyles define how text appears when you create Text entities. When you modify a TextStyle, any Text entities that use the style update to the new definition.

The -TextStyle command defines the TextStyles loaded from TrueType font files or compiled shape files (.shx) and customizes the TextStyles to the drawing requirements.

To define TextStyles:

  1. Type -TextStyle at the command prompt.
  2. Type the name of a TextStyle or press Enter to accept the Standard default.

    You can also specify the ? option to view a list of defined TextStyles in the drawing.
  3. Type the font file name in which the typeface and character set are defined.

    When you specify a TextStyle with a new font file, the drawing rebuilds. All Text entities using the changed font are replaced with the new font.
  4. Type the text height in drawing units.

    Values greater than zero represent a fixed height that cannot be changed when you insert a Text entity using this font. If you need to change the text height later, set height to zero. You can then define the text height using the commands that create Text.
  5. Type the width factor, which is the aspect ratio that defines the width of characters in relation to their height.
  6. Type the obliquing angle, which is the slant of the characters in relation to the X-axis.

    Use a value between 0 and 84.9 to slant to the right (forward). Use a value between 0 and -84.9 to slant to the left (backward).
  7. Specify whether to display text backwards to produce a mirror image of the text.
  8. Specify whether to display text upside-down.
  9. Specify whether to align characters vertically.

    You can combine these settings, although in some cases the combination of settings can interfere with each other. Some fonts do not support all the options.

  Defined TextStyles are saved with the drawing file as a reference to the corresponding font file. The TextStyles are available if the corresponding font file is available.


Command: -TextStyle

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