Specifying a Coordinate System for the Plan View

Use the PlanView command to set the plan view to the current coordinate system (the current construction plane), a previously saved Custom Coordinate System (CCS), or the World Coordinate System (WCS).

To specify a coordinate system for the plan view:

  1. Type PlanView at the command prompt.
  2. Type an option to specify a coordinate system:

To force the view to set automatically to the plan view whenever the coordinate system changes:

  1. Click Tools > Options (or type Options).
  2. Click Tools > Options (or type Options).
  3. Click Application menu > Preferences (or type Options).
  4. In the dialog box, click Drawing Settings .
  5. Expand Coordinate System > Options.
  6. Select Update view when coordinate system changes.
  7. Click OK.


Command: PlanView

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