Finding and Replacing Text

You can browse the drawing to find Text and you can find and replace Text.

To find and replace Text:

  1. Click Edit > Find (or type Find).
  2. The Find and Replace dialog box opens.
  3. In Find what, type the Text to find.
  4. In Search in, specify where to find the Text. You can browse:
  5. In Replace with, type the Text to replace the search string. Leave Replace with empty if you want to find Text but not replace it.
  6. Click Options to specify the entity types to include in the search and set search options.
  7. The Find and Replace Options dialog box opens.
  8. In Search for text in select or clear BlockAttribute values, Dimensions, Notes and SimpleNotes, Hyperlink addresses, Hyperlink text, and Tables.
  9. Specify whether to Match case and Find whole words only.
  10. In Search Results:
  11. Click Close.


Command: Find

Menu: Edit > Find

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