Exporting DXF Files

Use the ExportDXF command to export the current drawing as a DXF (Drawing Exchange Format) file containing the complete database information for all entities and objects in a CAD drawing.

DXF files are used to interchange drawing data with other applications.

DXF files can be either a standard ASCII text file or a binary file. Typically the term DXF file refers to ASCII DXF files which are more common than binary DXF files. Generally speaking, binary DXF files are about a fourth smaller than ASCII DXF files and reads and write about five times faster.

To export to a DXF file:

  1. Type ExportDXF.
  2. In the dialog box, specify the following:
  3. Click Save.

  Note: The DXF format varies from different releases. Also keep in mind, that some programs are not able to binary DXF files.


Command: ExportDXF

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