Relating Dimensions

Use RelateDimension to reestablish the relation of Dimensions to entities. When you create a new drawing and modify a dimensioned entity, the related Dimension updates its position and text reflecting the entity's changes. If you open existing drawings, sometimes the Dimensions are not related with entities.

To reestablish the relation of Dimensions to entities:

  1. Click Dimension > Relate Dimension (or type RelateDimension).
  2. In the graphics area, select Dimensions and press Enter.

    Drawing entities that are not Dimensions are filtered out.

    The first specified Dimension is highlighted.
  3. Follow the prompts for the first specified Dimension (or press Enter to skip to the next Dimension).
  4. The Dimension text updates automatically.
  5. If you selected more than one Dimension, repeat step 3 as needed.

Note: You might need to edit the location of the dimension lines because the newly related Dimension might not be positioned optimally after the update.


Command: RelateDimension

Menu: Dimension > Relate Dimension