Use the -DimensionStyle command to save, restore, and control DimensionStyles. DimensionStyles set the appearance of Dimensions.

Newly created Dimensions use the settings of the active DimensionStyle. If you modify the settings of a DimensionStyle, all Dimensions based on that DimensionStyle update automatically. To modify the settings of a user-defined DimensionStyle, use the DimensionStyle command.

To save a DimensionStyle:

  1. Type -DimensionStyle at the command prompt.
  2. Specify the Save option.
  3. Type a name for the new DimensionStyle.

To restore a saved DimensionStyle:

  1. Type -DimensionStyle.
  2. Specify the Restore option.
  3. Type the name for a saved DimensionStyle or press Enter to select a reference Dimension.

    The name of the restored DimensionStyle displays in the command window.

To apply the settings of the active DimensionStyle to specified Dimensions:

  1. Type -DimensionStyle.
  2. Specify the Apply option.
  3. In the graphics area, select the Dimensions to update with the active DimensionStyle.
  4. Press Enter.

    The selected Dimensions update to the active DimensionStyle.

To list DimensionStyle names:

  1. Type -DimensionStyle.
  2. Specify the ? option.
  3. Specify the * option to list all DimensionStyle names or enter a list of DimensionStyles to see the subset of DimensionStyles in the current drawing.


Command: -DimensionStyle

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