Creating Ordinate Dimensions

The OrdinateDimension command creates ordinate point Dimensions.

The command displays an X or Y coordinate with a Leader line to create X-datum or Y-datum dimensioning. The value of the X or Y coordinate is defined by the point you specify, called the feature location.

To create ordinate Dimensions:

  1. Click Dimension > Ordinate (or type OrdinateDimension).
  2. In the graphics area, specify the feature location (the point to be measured).

    Use EntitySnaps if the location represents a specific geometric point of an entity (such as the center of a Circle).
  3. Specify a Leader end point or specify an option:
  4. The leader end point also determines the location of the measurement value Text. The Leader originates at the point to be measured and connects to the Dimension text.
  5. If the Dimension is not placed horizontally or vertically in relation to the measured point, the extension line appears in orthographic mode and not as a straight line.


Command: OrdinateDimension

Menu: Dimension > Ordinate