Creating Jogged Dimensions

The JoggedDimension command creates jogged radius Dimensions for Circles and Arcs.

Jogged dimension lines are typically used when a sheet is too small to display the true center point of radial Dimensions. The command lets you specify another origin point for the dimension line. This point is called the center position override.

The command measures the radius of the specified Circle or Arc and displays the Dimension text with a preceding radius symbol.

To create jogged Dimensions:

  1. Click Dimension > Jogged (or type JoggedDimension).
  2. In the graphics area:
    1. Select an Arc or Circle.
    2. Click or type a point for the center position override.
    3. Click to place the dimension line or specify an option:

      Angle, Note, or Text: See Editing and Formatting Dimension Text.
    4. Click or type a jog position.


Command: JoggedDimension

Menu: Dimension > Jogged

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