Creating Arc Length Dimensions

The ArcLengthDimension command creates an arc length Dimension. It measures the distance along an Arc or Arc segment of a PolyLine.

To differentiate arc length Dimensions from linear or angular Dimensions, an arc symbol is displayed with the Dimension text. The arc symbol is displayed before or above the Dimension text depending on the current DimensionStyle.

To create arc length Dimensions:

  1. Click Dimension > Arc Length (or type ArcLengthDimension).
  2. In the graphics area:
    1. Select an Arc or Arc segment of a PolyLine.
    2. Click to place the dimension arc line or specify an option:
      • Angle, Note, or Text: See Editing and Formatting Dimension Text.
      • Leader: Adds a Leader to the Dimension which is drawn from the dimension line to the Arc towards the center of the Arc. A Leader is added only if the included angle of the Arc is less than 90°. The command creates the Leader automatically. You must specify the location of the dimension line. The No leader option exits the Leader option and lets you conclude the command without creating a Leader.
      • Partial: Lets you dimension the length of part of an Arc. Specify two points on the Arc: one where the arc length Dimension should begin, and another where it should end. Use the EntitySnap functions to ensure that the two points are located on the Arc.


Command: ArcLengthDimension

Menu: Dimension > Arc Length

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