Creating 3-Point Angular Dimensions

Use the 3PointAngleDimension command to create an angular Dimension based on a vertex and two points on the legs starting from the vertex.

The command lets you create the Dimension of the interior angle between the two legs and the exterior angle.

To create three-point angular Dimensions:

  1. Type 3PointAngleDimension at the command prompt.
  2. In the graphics area:
    1. Select an angle vertex.
    2. Select two other points to define the angle.
    3. Click to place the dimension arc lines or specify an option:

      Angle, Note, or Text: See Editing and Formatting Dimension Text.

      The position determines whether the inner or outer angle is measured.

  To create an angular Dimension formed by two points on the perimeter of an Arc, use EntitySnaps to define the center point and two points on the perimeter of the Arc.


Command: 3PointAngleDimension

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