Use the -References command to attach external drawings as References in the current drawing and manage the links to them.

To attach external drawings as References:

  1. Type -References at the command prompt.
  2. Specify an option:
  3. In the dialog box, select the drawing you want to attach to the current drawing and click Open.
  4. Set the position for the referenced drawing:

To list References:

  1. Type -References.
  2. Specify the ? option.
  3. Specify the * option.

    The currently referenced drawings display with corresponding reference types (Attach or Overlay), paths, and file names.

To update References:

  1. Type -References.
  2. Specify the Reload option.

    Drawings that contain referenced drawings are displayed in their current states. When working on a project in a workgroup, you might need to update References while you are work on a drawing.
  3. Type the name of the Reference to reload.

    The program reloads the specified drawing in the form in which it was most recently saved.

To unload References:

  1. Type -References.
  2. Type Unload.
  3. Type the name of the Reference to unload.

    The Reference you unloaded is no longer visible in the drawing, but the link to the file is maintained. To redisplay an unloaded Reference, specify the Reload option.

To reset the path to a Reference:

Occasionally, the location of an referenced drawing changes or a referenced file is renamed. Also, embedded reference drawings sent in emails need their paths updated. The Path option reestablishes the path to the referenced drawing, reattaches a renamed referenced file, or replaces a referenced drawing by another file.

  1. Type -References.
  2. Specify the Path option.
  3. Type the name of the Reference whose path needs updating.

    The drawing's current path displays.
  4. Type the new path to the drawing.

To bind to a Reference permanently:

Specify the Bind option to make a referenced drawing a permanent part of a drawing, for example, if you want to email a drawing or archive a finalized drawing. Bind the referenced drawing to the current drawing to avoid including an assembly of drawings within an archive or email.

The Bind option transforms the referenced drawing to a Block in the drawing and incorporates dependent symbols such as Layers, LineStyle definitions, TextStyles, and DimensionStyles into the current drawing. If the name of a symbol does not yet exist in the drawing database, it is created. If a symbol name already exists, it is created in the form Reference_name|Symbol_name. For example, the layer BASEMENT of the Reference is changed to HOUSE|BASEMENT.

  1. Type -References.
  2. Specify the Bind option.
  3. Type the name of the Reference to bind to the current drawing.

To detach a Reference:

Specify the Detach option to remove referenced drawings from the current drawing, which erases the dependent symbols such as Layer, LineStyle, and Block definitions from the drawing file.

Note: Although you can erase References with the Delete command, specify the Detach option to remove the dependent symbols from the drawing file, as well.

  1. Type -References.
  2. Specify the Detach option.
  3. Type the names of References to detach from the current drawing.


Command: -References

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