Creating Flat Representations of 3D Solid Objects

The MakeFlatSnapshot command creates a flat representation of 3D solid objects and Regions, projected to the drawing's X-Y plane of the active Custom Coordinate System (CCS).

The 2D flattened representation is inserted as a Block in the graphics area.

To create a flat representation of 3D solid objects:

  1. In the graphics area, set up a view from which you want to make a flat snapshot. Use the Views command.
  2. Type MakeFlatSnapshot.
  3. In the dialog box, specify an option for Flat Snapshot Destination:
  4. Click OK.

  Use the Explode command to break the Block representing the flattened view into its component entities. Exploding the Block lets you remove obscured lines or modify the LineStyle of hidden lines.


Command: MakeFlatSnapshot

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