Setting Ortho Mode

Ortho mode limits the pointer movement so that the pointer moves parallel to the axes of the current coordinate system. You can only enter points located parallel to these axes. Ortho mode makes it easier to design and place parallel or collinear Lines on entities. In the standard World Coordinate System (WCS), orthogonal Lines run horizontally or vertically from the base point.

  Ortho mode is effective only when pointing in the graphics area with the pointer. Ortho mode does not prevent you from entering non-orthogonal points using the keyboard.

To toggle orthogonal mode on and off:

  1. Type Ortho at the command prompt (or click Ortho on the status bar).
  2. Specify an option:
  3. - or -
  4. Click Ortho on the status bar.
  5. - or -
  6. Press the F8 key.
  7. Press the F8 key.
  8. Press the Fn + F8 key.


Command: Ortho

Keyboard Shortcut: F8

Keyboard Shortcut: F8

Keyboard Shortcut: Fn + F8

Status Bar: Ortho (right-click for Settings)

Status Bar: Ortho (right-click for Settings)

Status Bar: Ortho

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