Setting the Active LineWeight

Use the LineWeight command to set the LineWeight for new entities. LineWeight defines how thick or thin entities appear.

The LineWeight of entities does not change when you zoom in or out. LineWeights are not meant to represent real world units. Use PolyLines to draw wide 2D entities that reflect real world units.

Note: You cannot assign LineWeights to Point entities, Text with TrueType font, Solid entities (2D solid fills), or raster image references.

To set the LineWeight:

  1. Click Format > Line Weight (or type LineWeight).

    In the Options dialog box, the Drafting Styles page opens and Line Weight expands.
  2. In Line weight, select a numeric value or select:
  3. In Default weight, select a default LineWeight for layers.
  4. Select Display weight in graphics area to view LineWeights.
  5. Set Scale to adjust the scale of the LineWeight.
  6. Select Inches or Millimeters as the units for the LineWeight.


Command: LineWeight

Menu: Format > Line Weight

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