Publishing eDrawings

The eDrawings command starts the eDrawings® application which gives you the power to create, view, and share 3D models and 2D drawings.

Creating eDrawings Files

With eDrawings and various CAD software programs, you can create the following types of eDrawings files:

With eDrawings Professional, you can also create eDrawings markup files (*.markup) that have markups, such as text comments and geometric elements.

Viewing Files

You can view eDrawings files and other file types with eDrawings Viewer. You can manipulate the model in eDrawings Viewer as if you held the model in your hand.

Sharing eDrawings Files

To share eDrawings files, you can email:

  Once you have started the eDrawings application, press F1 for assistance.


Command: eDrawings

Menu: File > Publish eDrawings